Psychological Health, Mental Diseases and the Labyrinth of Craziness

Desires replicate the psychical situation of the dreamer, their traumas, their previous, their faults, their untrue impressions and numerous things additional.

The truth is that when you make your mind up to create down your dreams and translate them in accordance to the scientific technique, which presents you a extremely crystal clear and genuine translation of their which means, you make a trip inside your mind and psyche.

You are in a position to penetrate everywhere you go and analyze everything.

I had previously researched the meaning of our goals for four many years, when I experienced to disagree completely with the conclusions of Carl Jung, who identified the only right process of dream interpretation, and whose actions I was specifically pursuing for two yrs.

I experienced to disagree with him and continue the harmful research he had deserted since he was frightened of craziness. He knew that it already existed within the human getting, but he could not see particularly where by it was or how precisely it could be.

I had the bravery to rely on completely the unconscious brain that creates our desires, just after verifying its wisdom. For that reason, I was effectively prepared to confront the hazardous primitive conscience that I found out in the wild side of the human conscience when I continued investigating the content material of the human brain and psyche, outside of the issue where by Jung experienced stopped.

I saw plainly that all psychological ailments are provoked by the anti-conscience, the violent and animal side of the human conscience that didn’t evolve like the human facet of our conscience, and I saw also that the only salvation from destruction for the human getting, is his obedience to the smart instructions of the unconscious intellect.

The violent and cruel anti-conscience is also highly effective and sneaky: the human becoming by yourself cannot battle in opposition to it.

The human becoming is concentrated in the very small part of the human brain characterised by human inner thoughts and views. He wants the help of the smart unconscious brain in purchase to struggle versus the anti-conscience, which constantly tries to eliminate his great attributes and imprison him in the labyrinth of craziness.

This labyrinth is made with false sensations and a rain of views entire of hate and swearwords. Numerous disturbances, like chemical reactions or prescription drugs, protect against rational imagining, and the man or woman is not capable to occur to any summary.

They drop their equilibrium and equilibrium, their actions are tough and without the need of any precision. Their eyesight and audition are also distorted and they are unable to talk obviously.

Consequently, the individual who enters into the labyrinth of craziness, are unable to escape it. They are slaves of the anti-conscience, which absolutely destroys their potential to believe logically and have ordinary habits.

Unattainable cures can be carried on by way of aspiration interpretation, but they consider far too extensive when the man or woman wholly loses their human conscience.

Whilst in straightforward scenarios of despair, neurosis, hysteria, bipolar ailment and worry assaults, the remedy by way of desire translation will take from 2 to 8 months and it is normally effective, the psychotherapy of sufferers that experience from schizophrenia or psychosis is a serious struggle for a lengthy time (it may possibly acquire from 7 to 15 years), and the final results are not as positive as we desire they would be…

Be prudent and shield your mental health! Avoid schizophrenia and psychosis although you can!

If you enter into the labyrinth of craziness, your heal will be a wonder.

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